Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Workoutus interuptus

Started with core, and got through that pretty well. Planking and pushups are coming along, but the wall sit is from hell, especially with the fit ball. Did some extra stretches for Soleus and ITB. 30 minutes.

The bike warmup, one leg, and cadence drills went ok, once I got myself into the right gear. I was paying a lot of attention to how my legs felt, making sure to spin smoothly. At the hour mark I was was just getting settled into the main workout when the door bell rang.

We routinely ignore the house phone unless we're expecting a call or someone we want to talk to is talking to the answering machine. We've simply had too many phone calls from people we don't want to talk to. Or machines, I hate it when machines call, just to see if someone is home, or play a recorded message about your credit rating. Who don't I want to talk to? Well, it's easier to say who I will talk to. People I know personally is about it. If someone is calling from a company, they can state their business, and if it's an acceptable reason for me to talk to them, I might pick up. The only other time I'll pick up is if I'm in the mood for mischief. I'll lie to the marketers and pollsters. Or pick choices they don't offer. Or find fault with their methodology. Or I'll ask if my opinions are valuable, and when I'm assured they are, I tell them my rate is $10 per question, invoicing information provided in advance. Or, if I've got time to kill, I'll try to keep them on the phone as long as possible; the goal is to make THEM hang up. Or I'll pretend I'm calling them, and try to sell them duct cleaning services, or something.

But I haven't been broken of the habit of answering the doorbell. Even if I am hot and sweaty in bike workout gear. Too bad it was an ugly guy with a package, and what's more, he wanted COD. Sigh.

When I got back to my bike, I found the computer was acting funny. It wasn't showing cadence, time, or speed. I played with it a bit then got off and adjusted the sensors. Still nothing. Played with it more. Looks like the computer part isn't paying any attention to the sensors. Went to look for the manual. Once I found it I realized I was cold, and there were things that needed to be done around the house. So I bailed on the rest of the workout.

All is not lost. Wed is supposed to be a 60 minute run, and that doesn't seem to be the smartest thing in the world to do with a newly sensitive IT Band or some other issue causing pain. So I think I'll get my swim in like planned, then get the bike computer working again, and get the main part of the ride done. That will be an hour of aerobic activity, and much less hard on me than running. Even if it is supposed to be really nice out tomorrow.


  1. hand the phone to a child and that usually takes care of them....

    My dad always does shit like that... and if the phone rings in the middle of dinner and it is a telemarketer - he has been known to pass the phone around the table....

  2. Mike toys with telemarketers all the time. It is hilarious!


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