Monday, February 1, 2010

Running in the pre-slop

Swam first. Tons and tons and TONS of 50's on 60s, but doing different things with most of them. I was sharing a lane with a guy, I swear, doing the dog paddle. A slow dog paddle. At least he kept to his side, and was nice enough to say I swam like a dolphin. I am just thankful a third person didn't join us. That would have been bad. I'm guessing he's new, and just doesn't understand that swimming with other people your speed is more important than taking an open lane.

In fact the pool was kind of quiet this morning. I'm guessing the resolutionistas have packed it in for the year, and good riddance. Played with the pull buoy, kickboard and fins, and did I say I did a lot of 50's? In the water for an hour and a few minutes. Stretched after.

The temperature today was inconvenient for running. By that I do not mean it was cold. It was warm, just about 0 C, after some fresh snow. Which means it's this weird stuff that sticks to your feet, and slides around. My feet were gradually getting heavier and heavier, and it wasn't because I was getting tired. There really was a bunch of snow packed onto the bottom of my shoes. Running through Fish Creek was a cautious experience. Most of the path was a very slippery polished packed snow surface that is ice in all but name. The very end of the run was in front of the local Safeway mall, and they had shoveled their sidewalks! Yay!

I warmed up shoveling my driveway, my corner lot sidewalks, my neighbour's walk, and my other neighbour's corner sidewalk and double driveway. This was good, since I realized I'd dressed too warmly, and ended up running with my shell over a tech shirt. The run wasn't particularly fast, but the effort was getting up there from having to deal with the slippery footing. 45 minutes running 15 minutes walking, 10 minutes stretching.

The funeral was for Yvonne Snowdy, whom none of you have met or even knew. We knew her through the U of C Ballroom Dance club. There were a bunch of people there I had known, and struggled to remember names. It was cancer, and it took only 7 months from diagnosis to death. She would have been in her late 60's, perhaps early 70's, but she was always young at heart. The lesson is to enjoy yourself while you're here, and stay connected to family and friends.


  1. i'm surprised the inner shark didn't swim over top of doggie guy. :)

    sorry about yvonne - it seems cancer is reminding too many of us these days to savour the day. :(

  2. Sorry about your friend. :(

    And why do my neighbors NEVER shovel my driveway and/or sidewalk?
    'Cause they're lazy Amerikan bastards, that's why. Grrr...

  3. Condolences to you. Never easy.

    K mows our neighbors front yard and although we never expect a thank you or and sort of reciprocity, she never even acknowledges it. Whatever.

  4. Cancer's crap - too much of it in too many people's lives :(

    Glad you had a good swim - you'll be whizzing out to T1 come race season :)


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