Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The creepy old guy in the locker room wasn't me

Even after a 500m warmup I still wasn't quite with it in the pool today. My shoulders were stiff and creaky. The 300 m intervals (descending) were ok, brutal, and hard. That middle one was a killer. I was really feeling the pool heat. This was Glenmore, which is a degree or two warmer than my other regular pools. I might have lost count on the middle one as well. Things got fuzzy for a while.

The 200 m intervals weren't so bad. The 3x 100 on 120 s I pushed hard, and did them in 100, 107, and 105 seconds. Nice. 1 hr total. Chatted with the boss lifeguard for a bit while the dive tank cleared out. She used to work at Canyon Meadows, but we never talked there. Then into the dive tank for 30 minutes deep water running. Some of it long stretchy strides, some of it short fast strides. My legs loved it. They were still a bit creaky in the morning, but after they were just fine. Looking forward to Friday's run. Especially since I'll almost certainly have new shoes for then.

I was alone in the locker room after the swim. It's a long narrow room, with mostly key locks that eat quarters, but a few where you can put your own lock on. I'm in one of those, about the middle of the room.  And old guy pokes his nose into the room, makes a noise like he's spitting on the floor, and disappears. A few minutes later he comes in, wandering closer. And closer. He stinks. He picks the locker right next to mine. The very next one! WTF! I'm drying my feet, wondering if I need to run, when he says. "I like this locker and always use it." Then gives me this funny look that's hard to describe.

"Ummmm. I'll be out of here in a second." And I was. This is about the only time I've been creeped out in a locker room. Next time, it might be worth it to put a quarter in that locker just for the space.

Yoga was good, lots of shoulder stuff that hurt at the time but was probably good for me.

It's snowing here again, the thick heavy wet stuff. Maybe 4 cm so far, and another 5-10 cm was supposed to come but hasn't yet. Maybe tonight.


  1. EEEEWWWW. I don't know what it is about locker rooms but they always creep me out.

    Sorry about the shoulder.

    Cheer up you've got snow!!! (whoops, I'm getting mean here. Sorry)

  2. Holy creeepy. keep you eye out. Your probably being viewed on some unsavory websites as we speak.

  3. OMG, I would have been SOOOOOO mad. Why do people do that? It might be my all time biggest pet peeve. There is a whole locker room open (or treadmill or whatever else someone does RIGHT NEXT TO YOU when there are plenty of other ones available). It is the worst. I was shaking my head reading this. So sorry.

  4. Keith, he just wanted a little cuddle from you :) I hope you had mor than your socks on or you could be on the interent right now.....

  5. It's your own fault, Keith. It's perfectly obvious that you led that poor pervert on. Shame on you.

  6. You shouldn't bend over necked to dry your feet like that! You're such a tease.



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