Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Run, Swim, Yoga, look for missing socks

An hour run this morning, shortly after dawn. Still chilly out, but not bad. The mid half hour was supposed to be at the pace I want to run the half mary this weekend. Not sure if I did that or not, I think it was more like a 10 K pace. It went pretty well, up 37th St then around the reservoir to where the bike and walk paths split near South Glenmore park.

An hour swim just after lunchtime. It took a while to feel my shoulders loosen up, but I settled in well. I shared the lane with L, one of Carrie's athletes. It turns out that she was the next finisher after me at last year's Chinook, but I didn't meet her then, and probably just as well. We had a nice chat after our swim.

At least one pair, and maybe two pair of my workout socks are on vacation. Or they're hiding somewhere. Hopefully doing something useful like mating and producing more socks. Last year I lost one sock for months, and never did figure where it had been.

Just before yoga I got a case of the raging pool sniffles. I was snuffling all through yoga class, and basically dogged it. I couldn't even do child pose for crying out loud. That made my sinuses want to explode.


  1. You are doing a half mary this weekend? Is it the Hypothermic half? Is it Sunday? In Calgary? I might have to come out and cheer!!

  2. You are a workout machine. I hope your sinuses feel better now.

    Oh, and I hate losing socks too. Where do they go?!?!?!

  3. My doctor cured me of my pool nose. :) :) I have this special nose spray. AWESOME to be able to breathe all day long! :) :)

  4. You probably have an allergy that maybe some nasal spray would help with. Apparently pool mold is pretty bad in Calgary? I was chatting with a lady at work yesterday...she has a rotator cuff injury...but apparently her allergies in Calgary are so bad that it really affects her training and she needs to find a non-chlorinated pool to swim in. Just a though, maybe go see an allergist and they might be able to help.

    Good luck with the half mary this weekend!!


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