Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The bike is coming back

The swim was good and felt fast. 1 hr. Main set was 30 x 50 on varying times, mostly 65 seconds. The last few were on 55 seconds, and that gets brutal quick. This was a catchup for not swimming on Monday.

I wasn't sure what my legs would think of getting on the bike, but it went way better than expected. I got most of the way through the workout, and what killed me was the cadence set. 100 rpm was badly choppy,  and 110 was smoother but that was pretty well all out. I settled for doing some slow accelerations to try to smooth out the spin, then did cool down. That was 1.5 hr, and mostly felt pretty good.

Of course there was core, but I didn't even think about doing the lunge while pushing weights over my head. Did some hand plank, obliques, rows, but they were very sloppy.

It's very foggy here, and it's supposed to snow tonight, so the roads and sidewalks are likely to be crap tomorrow. Maybe I'll do the core then, instead of a run outside, and do some deep water running instead.


  1. 30 x 50...how do you keep track of that? Nicely done!

  2. Very smart. I'm going to try that. I'm notorious for losing count. anything above 300 and I'm at a loss. More than 5 sets. It's over. Thanks.

  3. I tried on a guy's underwater MP3 player thingy this morning at the pool. It was really cool!! I would never buy one (unless I had extra cash that was just laying around looking for a reason to be spent). I only swam half a length with it, and I was so awestruck with hearing the music, I forgot to breathe. Hahahahaha!!! Good luck trying to count laps wearing that thing, eh? Hee-hee!


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