Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fast run, slow run

Today's run was a bit different, warmup, 1 min hard, 1 min easy, cool down, for 45 minutes. Which I haven't done before. It feels good to run at essentially max speed for a minute at a time, but by the last one I was beginning to slow down a bit. I have no idea what my pace was. In between it was frigging slow, I can say that much. Walking would be quicker. But it went well, and was kind of fun going back and forth on the 37 st path in our neighbourhood. I got some odd looks from people walking their dogs as I passed them several times.

Then onto the core, 3 sets of stuff, each with more reps or longer of the stuff. That all went well, including front and side plank, except for the wall sit. My quads weren't having much of that, thank you very much. That was a half hour.

The other major activity was shoveling off my desk. It's funny, at work I typically have a very neat desk. There might be several piles of stuff, but they are neat piles, and they go away after a while. But at home? What a mess! Paperwork, filing, 2 calculators, a desk calendar, a camera, batteries for the camera, recharger for the batteries, some bills to pay, some paperwork needed to update computer files, a glass that used to have orange juice in it, a bunch of pens, a ruler, a lamp, a glass moose sculpture, a glass Chinese dragon sculpture, the computer, a backup hard drive, two big speakers, some reference books, an old MRC course calendar, random receipts for stuff, a remote control for the computer, two DVD's with movies from the swim and run camp, assorted cords, the phone we don't answer unless the person calling talks to us, a nice photo of us, and a letter opener. Lets not even talk about the rat's nest under the desk, with various data and power cables for the computer and hard drive, power and data for the phone, power for the lamp, the stereo, the cable modem, and a couple power bricks that I forget what they are for. I really should do something about it, but somehow, I don't have the energy.


  1. What? I thought Amelia the cat would have been on that list somewhere...Hee-hee!

  2. Well after those workouts I wouldn't have the energy to clean the desk either. Side planks are enough to make me want to hurl myself off a very tall building, let alone the speed work for 45 mins. LOL at the assorted cords and a glass Chinese dragon. Very random!

  3. Try to start with a small part, the energy comes when you start. But I know where you are with that. Same with me and my desk every week.

  4. "A glass moose sculpture"? Your desk sounds AWESOME!


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