Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Well, that was pathetic

My core was supposed to be 3 sets of stuff. I struggled through the first set, totally wimping out on the side plank, lasting less than 10 seconds. Then I noticed the one leg squats I was doing was dropping my hips about 3 inches, tops.

This was after a two hour nap with Amelia after dropping Linda off. Then another several hours of procrastination doing stuff that's so important I can't remember it. Started my bike, and hopped off after about 10 minutes. Blah. Napped more. Went to bed early, slept fairly well, as these things go.

Morning swim at Glenmore was barely ok. Struggled with form. 1 hr. I have discovered I can't do a gradual build in the pool either. In fact, just about the entire swim was the same pace, except for when I tried to swim faster, and was slower.

The run this afternoon was horrible. The idea was to do the same run as last Wed, only a bit faster. I knew starting out that was going to be tough, and decided to concentrate on form, and trying to run well, rather than trying to run fast. During the swim I tried to swim fast, and that didn't work out very well. Started the run the same way, with a 10 minute walk, then a very easy warming up run. At this point I knew I wasn't going to go the same distance in the same time, let alone less time, regardless of form. About 2 minutes after starting the clock, and trying to run my normal easy pace, I knew I was in trouble. My legs weren't working. They didn't want to run. They didn't want to walk. I ended up doing a thudthudthud semi-run that reminded me of last year's Chinook run. I got passed twice, once by a granny. An old one, who was on the phone to her grandson telling him not to be late to the parking lot, she didn't want to be standing around waiting for him.

I shuffled along, taking it really easy, running about the warmup pace, hoping my legs would come around, and I'd at least get a negative split. Going up even little hills was bad. At turnaround I wasn't running any faster, and I was pretty sure I was running slower. I measured my time from a landmark 17 minutes from the turnaround, and it took 18 minutes to get back to it. By now I was really struggling to even maintain that pace. I am convinced I could walk quicker, but I was determined to keep "running" back to my start point, if only to see how far positive the split was, and to teach myself that we can carry on even with tired and grumpy legs. The starting point arrived at 80 minutes, so I was +5 minutes on the split. The last bit I'm pretty sure I could crawl faster. I mean front crawl in the pool. That's bad when you can swim faster than you are running.

I am dreading yoga class tonight, and dreading the core and bike tomorrow.

For now, I'm going to huddle in my man-cave and feel sorry for myself.


  1. You fighting off a cold or something you think?

  2. we are all allowed a couple of bad ones! dont sweat it the good days are around the corner! Smile! it could be worse! Cheers

  3. blah. I felt very similar today, I think somedays you gots it and some days you just need to sleep.
    It sounds like you need a day off, maybe do something different than swim, bike, run, core, yoga. ?

  4. Sorry bud, sounds like a rough one. As the others have said we all go through this. Remember sometimes we have to take a step backwards to move two steps forward. Maybe take a couple days off completely? Just to get the fire back? Just a thought you know yourself best. Take care.

  5. Poop! I hate those days. Very sorry. It just doesn't come together. Hope you're not getting the ick.

  6. stay away from the ick - listen to your body and get the rest you need. You have been working very hard.

  7. it happens and then it goes away. :) you'll be back to your zippy self in no time! just the body saying 'i'm tired and need a little time to regroup'.

  8. sounds liek U had a bad case of the fuck its...I've been there...RECENTLY, at that. I say let it roll off your back and enjoy today and beyond...

  9. Don't wuss out on your side planks. That's SO not cool with me.


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