Friday, February 19, 2010

New shoes

Here, look at this photo. Can you tell which pair of shoes was bought July 26, 2008. Yes, 2008.

Perhaps looking at the bottoms will help.

Did you guess? The guy at Gord's running store flexed my old shoes, prodded the bottoms, and said they weren't quite done yet, but I really should start breaking in a new pair. Here's a closer look at the wear on the old shoes, in case you're curious, or a specialist in how shoe wear affects your life and you feel like giving a free consultation. Did I mention they were bought in mid 2008, and I've been running pretty regularly on them? Two half marathons, 3 half IM's, and 2 Oly's, plus the every other day or so training runs. No, I'm not about to go back through my blog to add up how many hours my feet have been in them. I do have a life, you know. Sometimes I think this buy new shoes every 3 months or 300 K is just a line put out by the shoe manufacturers. Of course they want you to buy more shoes. I want to try less shoe.

The day started with a swim. 6 x 500m. 1 being warmup with a bunch of drills. 2 free at 75%. 3 Paddles and buoy. 4 free at 80%. 5 fins at 90%. 6 cool down mix of stuff. Lots of backstroke for my shoulders. That was about 70 minutes. I wasn't wearing a watch. It's feeling pretty good. 91 seconds.

Then to yoga to catch up for a class I missed. Helen worked us hard. I used to be able to do Crane when I was a kid, and could even go from that to a handstand. Not anymore, not even close.

Ran 20 minutes to find out the following:

  • There doesn't seem to be as much of the speed laces as there used to be. There is almost nothing left at the top, and I've still got the shoes too tight across my instep. I'll have to fiddle with that a bit. Last time it took about a week. 
  • Even though I ate a medium sized lunch 2 hours before the easy run, it was still too soon and not easy enough.  No emesis though. 
  • My left calf is still unhappy with me, and I was getting some of the same twinges I had at the end of the half marathon. While getting shoes, I got The Stick, and will be applying it as required.
Did you notice I hadn't mentioned Thursday? That's too bad.


  1. Ooh! Yay! I love new running shoes! And, new shoes in general...

    It's incredible the number of miles you've put on those. Don't you start to hurt somewhere once you hit a certain number? I mean, even my knees start to hurt around 300 miles or so. And I'm one of those who doesn't remember the original BG series...

  2. I have the hardest time getting rid of my old shoes, even when they're shot to shit and have NO life left in them whatsoever. I currently have about 8 pairs in the pantry, some of which have soles so thin that you can read through them.

  3. I just bought new shoes too -- my feet were starting to hurt (felt like my feet were mallets on concrete), and I realized it was probably time for a new pair. I was right. LOL!

    Hilarious that you finally got a new pair of shoes!!! Hee-hee!! You are a runner now, Keith -- you have to start buying more shoes. :) :)

  4. Really? Wow...the local shoe stores must have us whipped as I *try* to get a new pair every six months! I honestly thought this was standard practice. And the locally owned store has a neat program where you bring your old shoes to them and they send/take them to kids/people who cannot afford to buy them. Usually to places in Africa.


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