Thursday, February 4, 2010


I'm feeling way better this morning. That Canadian Nyquil sure kicks ass! A great night's sleep does wonders. Here's an image that sure helped cheer me up. However, I'm still not up to snuff. That was clear quick enough when I got on the bike. By the end of the warm up, I wasn't feeling terribly warmed up, and was already beginning to feel a bit tired. The cadence and one leg drill left me knowing there was no way I was getting through the planned workout. Rather than drive myself back into the pit of fatigue, I settled in for some easy spin stuff, more to get my legs going around than anything else. One hour total.

It was only a little over a week that I was down with that cold and good for nothing. Last week I put together a pretty solid training week and was feeling good, even though I knew I hadn't totally flushed the cold away. I guess it's still trying to catch up with me, or Linda is trying to get rid of her cold by giving it to me. Either that or I'm right up against my limits for training time just now, and trying to push more just puts me back on my ass.

Several of my blog buddies have had adventures with sheet cake. Way to take one for the team, guys! Better you than me, even though I'm not being stalked by a singlet. After watching Food Inc last week, I've been looking at labels a bit more. Connected with that is a book I'm reading that talks about the psychological profile of companies, among other things. Most of them score some of the same symptoms as psychopaths. It makes me wonder what's *really* in the food that *isn't* making it onto the label. Me, paranoid?


  1. Kanadian Nyquil, huh? Here in Amerika we just guzzle a gallon of Redd Cat when we need some zzzzzzzs.

    PS - let's talk about the due date for Carpeviam's spawn. I'm thinking we should let her suffer and be REALLY preggo before we let her pop. How about December-ish?

  2. We watched food inc over the holidays...since then have ordered a side of beef from a local farmer that is range the labels so carefully...a rule of thumb I use is that if my grandmother would not recognize the food, from when she was raising kids,then likely we don't need to be eating fruit roll ups; frozen pizzas; mass made frozen foods; anything processed...its hard but I am happy to report we have seriously minimized our processed foods in our house considerably since Jan 1...takes some planning but it is doable.
    Hope you are feeling 100% real soon!!

  3. I've got to watch this documentary! It sounds so interesting!

    Good choice on spinning and getting the legs moving instead of trying to stick to a workout.

  4. Haha! I showed K that pic and he says, "Wow. Is that someone you know?" I said, "Yes. His name is Keith and he lives in Kanada. Isn't he so cool?"

  5. I need some Canadian Nyquill right now. I feel a cold coming on and I need it to go!

    You are not paranoid...or at least if you are, you're not alone.

    What book are you reading?

  6. That image made me gas out laughing! Hope you feel 100% soon.

  7. I second the question of what book?


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