Monday, February 15, 2010

hypo half followup, photo for San

The program called for a swim today, but it's a holiday in Alberta. That means the City pools are on limited hours, if they are open at all, and they're full of kids. I passed. Instead, I went for a fairly gentle 45 minute walk to stretch out my legs. I had iced my left knee last night. Today it was fine till the very end of the walk, and it started getting sore again.

Overall I feel pretty good. My feet are good, though I think it's time to retire these shoes. I think I've had them about a year and a half. How do you know when it's time to retire shoes? My quads are a little bit sore, and I had a spot of chafing under each arm, but that's about it. I have to admit that I'm a bit daunted by running a full marathon. There is no way I could have turned around and run that course again. But then, if I knew I had to run it twice, I would have a different plan. Right coach?

After I described my desk mess, San posted a motivational photo of her extremely neat desk. As you can see from the following photo, I need a lot of motivating. How about the rest of you? Any photos of where you blog?

In fact, there is yet more clutter on there than when I described it. LuMu, the glass sculptures are just behind the lamp. Yes everybody, that's a glass of wine. Montepulciano Cabernet Merlot. Yummy.

(Susi, think of puppies. Fresh, warm, ginger chocolate recovery cookies. Purple fuzzy blankets. Meditation. The smell of a forest in the spring. Then close this window, and go on with the next blog, or whatever you were doing. Back to work, even. Do NOT read any further.)

Some of you have already been to Steve in a Speedo's blog to vote for the Gnarliest Injury Photo. Thank you if you have. I'm in it, under the title of "Have You Hugged Your Dentist Today?" If you haven't been yet, and don't mind looking at some pretty brutal photos of injury aftermath, please go to his blog and vote for me. I'm behind in the voting right now, believe it or not, but I do have to admit there is some pretty tough competition. In fact, the  one that tugged at my heart strings most was the poor bike, broken into 3 pieces. If I don't win, I think I'm going to promptly figure out a way of carrying ID and medical info with me on my rides and runs. It doesn't take long for me to get a long way out of the city, on some isolated roads. Those photos make it perfectly clear that shit happens quickly.


  1. Road ID bracelet! Everyone in my family has one, even my dad who doesn't run any longer but likes to hike and fish alone. I have all my contact info AND the fact that I'm allergic to penicillin AND have asthma. I know I ride in places (alone) where NO ONE would find me and I'd be someone's pet in their basement.

    Happy Family Day...does this apply to you too? This is a 'new' holiday to me. I know about Boxing Day but not Family Day.

  2. Pincher pool was open for lane swim noon to 1:00pm...The first kid that entered the pool at 1:00pm, said, "WOW! We don't even have to go into the hot tub!" I am not even joking. It was that hot in the pool today.

  3. You definitely need new trainers! I think it's something like a couple of hundred, maybe 300, miles before they start losing their support - you'll be surprised how quickly you clock up that mileage - and then it just starts impacting your joints step by step - and all for a new pair of trainers......

  4. Oh, and running in a new pair of trainers is just a lovely floaty feeling - or perhaps that's just me and I'm a little crazy!!!

  5. I've learned that with my Asics I only get about 350 miles on them before I start to notice them giving out. Most notably knee pain is the first thing to happen. Generally the right knee. Not sure why!

    I would say once shoes are a year old, regardless of the mileage on them, it is time to retire them. The support degrades over time regardless of use. year and a half? I'd probably suggest buying some new shoes!

  6. Ah, nice pic. Have to say it looks a bit like my desk at most days. Mind you I had to declutter it yesterday even though I had cleared it up on Saturday! I prefer hot chocolate over wine any day. ;-) And if it has to be wine, it's white.

    On the shoes side, from what I know running shoes should be tossed in the bin after 1000k. In fact you should buy a replacement pair at 800 k. And in any case you should have a second pair with different static and cushioning (different manufacturer) to not get your muscles too used to these shoes. I've got an asics pair as main shoes, a neutral saucony pair as second (I love them MUCH more than my asics) and a pair of Nike Frees 5.0 (love them even more).

  7. Yeah, time to pitch those shoes :) and I agree with Missy - Road ID! So easy to just throw on before you leave the house!

    Love the desk, I'll ahve to take a photo of mine!

  8. i didn't read further...

    and get rid of your shoes. 8 months tops is my thoughts. :)

  9. i can't possibly vote for your pics until you make some sort of effort to clean up that filthy desk.

    Kidding, of course. Any desk with both moose AND wine is my kinda desk.

  10. I'm with Missy. Road ID. It comes in many forms. I always tell K that he needs to have his phone with him when he knows I'm running. Just in case he gets a call. You just never know.

    PS-I voted for you. Good luck.


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