Friday, November 30, 2007

running outside in freaking cold

Yesterday's run was pretty good, though it was outside in -10 weather, with a wind that dropped the wind chill to -20 or so. This was the nice route on top of the hill south of the Canoe club. The view is worth the chill.

7 min warm up
4 x 5r/3w
8 cool down

Running on snow is a bit different, and I think I strained my right Achillies tendon a bit, or landed on my right heel more than I should have. It was a bit sore at the end of the workout, and is a bit sore even now.

No workout Thursday evening; I think I was in bed by 8:30.

The swim in the fast pool this morning was great! There were at least 4 people swimming faster than me, and a couple of others about the same speed. You have no idea how nice that feels. Especially when you can keep up for a little bit.

500 m easy warm up. Really easy.
50 m back stroke (gack what a mess)
10 x 50 m in 50 seconds, on 1:15 start.
50 m kick
3 x 100 m done "pretty" then 100 m flat out, which is 95 seconds. 45 s/ 50 s split.
50 m breast
250 m cool down
Total 2000 m.
Then some pool pilates.

Oh, and that number? 248.

Tonight's plan calls for a 60 min spin session. We'll see. The weather is supposed to be so crappy I might do it on Sat instead.


  1. Welcome to being a triathlete my friend! Run in snow. Bike in rain. Swim in swamp. tee hee.


  2. Good job Keith, on "the number"!!


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