Friday, November 23, 2007

A great start today!

I was a little tired after my spin session last night, didn't go to sleep right away, and actually had to be woken by the alarm clock this morning.

The swim at the fast pool was great!
500 m warmup 10 min
10 x 50 m aiming for 50 seconds, never slower than 53, on 1:15 start. (25 min)
100 m junk laps, kick or breast stroke
250 m swimming with one arm alternating every 25 m, with no pansy floats or aids.
250 m cool down
2100 m in 50 min altogether, then 10 min in dive tank for pool pilates.

The intervals went really well, concentrating on smooth strong strokes. The last interval was 45 seconds, which is just about top speed for me. On the cool down I tried swimming by force of mind, pretending that my arms were just windmilling in the water breeze. That was fun.

249. That number is great news. Yahoo!

Oh, and the sunrise slowly lighting up the mountains was gorgeous today.

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  1. sounds like you are on a roll ....way to go...249 hey ...nothing tastes better than breaking through barriers :)


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