Saturday, November 17, 2007

Who'd have thought that lying down could be hard work?

Yoga last night at the Harmony Yoga Studio. This was a relaxation class with some meditation. We did some basic poses, just to get warmed up. I don't know any of the names for these poses, so I either have to make like dance class and say "the one that goes like this", or pass on the whole deal and leave it up to your imagination.

For the last third of the class we were to lie on our backs, with a bolster under our knees and a blanket for our head if we wanted, and could wrap ourselves in blankets if we wished. We did some breathing exercises, then just lay there quietly, breathing to ourselves. That was fine for a bit, then my tailbone and hips started hurting. I was thinking I should have put a blanket under them too, bearing in mind that I was on 1 thin and 1 thick yoga mat. So I somehow suspect my mind was't where the yoga teacher wanted it. And I just spent a moment fondling my back where you can feel the back of the hip bones, and there isn't anywhere near as much flab there as there used to be. That's good I guess.

I was so tired going into the class I was a bit worried about falling asleep, and I had seriously contemplated a nap before class. At the end of it I was awake, but had no trouble going to sleep when we got home.

After a very relaxing Saturday morning reading the paper, I got dressed for a spin session. I suppose I could have cycled outside, but it was cloudy and not very warm. Plus, I wanted to pay attention to my cadence and heart rate, and not have to worry about traffic.

15 min warmup at 85 rpm
10 min of 30 seconds one leg, both for 1 min, 30 seconds other leg, 1 min both. (Left leg needs work!)
5 min recovery at 85 rpm
10 min at 100 rpm, still in a fairly easy gear. HR was low 130's throughout. Very little or no bouncing.
5 min recovery at 85 rpm
1 min at 110 rpm (little or no bouncing)
2 min recovery
1 min at 110 to 115 (with not much bouncing)
2 min recovery
1 min at 115 to 120 (just a little bouncing) HR just got over 140 as I was finishing, and my butt started complaining big time.
8 min cool down

60 min total, with about 10 minutes of stretching afterward. Legs feel great, the heaviness in my calves is gone now. I was fine up to about the 50 minute mark, but then couldn't get comfey on my bike. I guess my butt had had enough. My hands were ok.

Tomorrow is going to be a rest day for me, in preparation for starting the IGP. (IronGregPlan)™(trademark symbol) So the weekly summary, bearing in mind I was out of town.

Swim .3 hr
Bike 1.75 hr
Run 1.1 hr
Total 3.1 hr (not counting an hour of yoga, cause I wasn't sweating and breathing hard)

Last week was cut a bit short, and I didn't post the totals for it.
Swim 2.25 hr
Bike 1.5 hr
Run 1.2
Yoga 1.25 (hey, I was sweating and breathing hard so I'm gonna count it!)
Total 6.25 hr

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