Monday, November 26, 2007

Drills?! We don't need no steenkin drills!

Back to the geezer pool, and I couldn't face keeping count to do drills. I just wanted to swim. So I did.
2000 m 39:10.
The first few laps were ok, then it all fell apart and I struggled for another 10 or 15 laps having to work to keep on a 50 m in a minute pace. Somehow I managed to get my groove back, and I settled into a nice strong and even stroke, reaching forward, then rolling and pulling. My 1000 m time was probably about 19:50, so the second 1000 m was way faster than the first.

That went great till the attack of the geezers. My empty lane started filling up with a few laps to go. One chick had the nerve to push off in my lane just where I was turning. She was keeping up for a few strokes, then I squeezed her into the ropes and she moved into another lane. Then the idiot who likes swimming against traffic showed up, but I didn't get a chance to line him up and take a run at him. Still, it was a good swim.

Yoga in the evening had some balance poses. Tree pose (standing straight on one leg, the other sole flat against the straight leg as high as it goes) only works for trees because they have roots, dammit! I can't describe the other pose, but I was better at it.

It's Fricking cold out there tonight, and who knows what the temperature will be at 6:30 am tomorrow when I start my run. Maybe I'll wimp out, pay the big bucks, and run inside at the Talisman Centre. I've been meaning to check it out because my city facility pass expires the first week of December. I have to keep in mind that at the Talisman Center I'm likely to be the geezer!


  1. I agree!! Drills are for the birds...just get in and swim! Ha Ha!!

  2. I can't even count in the pool - I have no idea how I managed all the years I swam ....

  3. You are going to kick a$$ in the open water swim, haha. Just have the same attitude about swimming over people! HOOYAH!

  4. I can only keep track of laps because I swim so close to a 1 min per 50 m pace. Generally, the number of laps I've swum is one more than the number of minutes I've been swimming, which is on my stopwatch. Or it's the number of minutes, depending on exactly where the hands of the pace clock are compared to when I started. It sounds complicated, but it's much simpler than trying to keep count.


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