Sunday, November 4, 2007

The first lonely spin workout in the basement

These weather people are getting good. Sure enough, it snowed last night.

Timing is tight today, but I wanted to slip in a short workout on the bike, mainly to try one legged pedaling. Warm up 10 min at 80 to 85 rpm. Then 3 sets of 30 seconds pedaling with one leg, 1 minute with both at 85, 30 seconds with the other leg, 1 minute with both. Then in a fairly easy gear, trying to concentrate on going round and round instead of up and down, 5 minutes at 85 - 90 rpm, then up to 100 rpm for 5 minutes, then back to 85 for 5 minutes as a cool down. My legs and hands are ok, but my sit bones are protesting a bit. This added up to about 30 minutes.

Weekly hourly summary:
2.3 Swim
3.0 Bike
1.4 Run

6.7 hours total.

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  1. ah yes ....those damn sit bones! In the beginning I would have so much pain lifting myself off the bike after a period of time sitting- it was like I had left my spine stil attached to the seat as i lifted up - times have changed but sometimes i just think i have a bike seat growing out of my butt now :)


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