Thursday, November 8, 2007

So much for clean running shoes...

Sigh. I was running a bit late today, and didn't feel like looking at my watch to manage the run 3 walk 2 thing. So I decided to just run for a bit, and walk for a bit, as I felt like it. I don't even want to speculate how long I ran vs walked. But when I was showering after I remember thinking that it seemed pretty easy, and I could have gone longer, ect. That's progress of a sort, I guess.

On the way back from the run I thought I'd take a bit of a shortcut. Off the path. I can categorically state that the ground isn't yet frozen, and I found a mucky bit. And there's horrible little burrs all over my shoe laces. Nobody (and she knows who she is) never told me there'd be days like this, but I should have figured it out for myself.

If I'm feeling ambitious at home tonight, I'll climb on the bike and spin for a while. The other thing is to try to track down a missing running sock. I bought 3 pairs, and probably really should get more. One sock is AWOL, probably burrowed into a t shirt or cavorting with my wife's socks. This whole sock thing has thrown me a bit. You see, till now I've had two kinds of socks. White and black. Each are identical, and I can pick them out without having to open my eyes. When one wears out I throw it away, and periodically buy more of the identical socks. Now I have a third kind, running socks, that also happen to be white, and life is complicated again. Sigh.


  1. dirty shoes are a badge of honour!! and yes, there will be days like this...i found myself knee deep in muck was...AWESOME!!! tee hee

  2. a note on the burrs ....if you ever get burrs on your running gear pick them off - EVERY SINGLE ONE - Prior to washing. WHY? Cause if you don;t they will restick to other items like - say - underwear - and then when you have left the house, made your way to work and realize something is poking you - and your work mates are wondering why your hands are in your pants as you try to make sense of this sensation - you can realy say - Well - I have a burr up my ass! :) Dirty shoes mean you rock!!


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