Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cold run then hot spin

I'm still getting used to this whole running thing, and it's gradually getting colder out. This morning was about -13 C, but I went and ran anyway, and had a good time. The sky was just beginning to light up in a pre-dawn sort of way. The stars were still out, just barely, but hard to see because of the city and traffic lights.

Today's route I think I will call the Susi route. The first one who can tell me why it's named that gets one of my special mint chocolate chip cookies. If it's Susi herself, I guess I'll have to come up with something else.

I parked at Bow Water's Canoe Club, walked under 17th Ave, up and over the bridge across the canal, then onto the path on that side. From there, I ran south along the path, underneath Deerfoot Trail, past the road leading to the Inglewood Golf Club, and some distance past that. Then back to the car. No idea at all how far that is.

I tried putting a map in here, but it didn't work right. I'll figure it out sooner or later. If you know Calgary at all and want to play with Google maps, this is just east of where Blackfoot crosses Deerfoot and turns into 17th Ave. You can see the roof of the Bow Water's Canoe Club as an orange dot, and the path shows up pretty good.

7 min warmup walk
5x 4 min run, 2 min walk
7 min cool down.

Total 45 min.

Looking forward to spin class tonight, details at 11.

The details are, warm up, spin faster, spin slower, and do that a bunch of times, spin one legged altogether too many times for altogether too long, spin slower in a big gear, spin faster in an easy gear, then do it some more, spin really really fast, then slower, then cool down. About the 50 minute mark I was beginning to think the end result of eating the bike would be less painful than sitting and spinning some more, but I stuck it out for 1.25 hours, pedaling most of the way.

This really is getting better. I can spin with the right leg for almost a minute now, but the left is weaker. The round and round is smoother. And Susi's goodies were excellent. You. Guys!!! She gave Greg some excellent cookies, and he was very nice to share. Yummy. Now I have a sugar rush going to keep me awake.

Yes, it's really snowing out. I'm glad tomorrow is a swim day. If the idiot drivers in Calgary let me get to the pool.

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