Saturday, November 24, 2007

First Brick, if I've got the slang right

Today was the first day I looked at the IGP™ with a bit of trepidation. It called for 60 min spin and a 15 min run. This after a good night's sleep that came after a yoga class that was advertised as a "Stress-Buster". NOT! Some of it was, I have to admit I nearly fell asleep twice. The only thing keeping me awake was the gentle snores of someone who beat me to it. But some of it was nearly brutal.

So I puttered around getting everything ready, and did a bit of stretching before the ride. Then I started, and it went like this.
10 min: easy warm up
10 min: one leg drills, 30 seconds alt left and right with a minute in between, and cheating at the end to sneak in another left
10 min: shift into 1 harder gear
1 min at 85, then 1 min at 100
shift into 1 harder gear again
1 min at 85, then 1 min at 100
shift into 1 harder gear again
1 min at 85, then 1 min at 100 then back down 2 gears and spin at 85
10 min repeat the one legged drill as before
10 min progressive drill again, only this time after the hard one, go up one gear, 1 min 85, then 1 min 100, then up another gear and do another 1 min at 85 then 1 min at 100. This got me up to 50 minutes with a minimum of moving around on the bike, and the last 10 min were tough, even though it was an easy spin, concentrating on smoothness. My hands were pretty good, and my butt mostly pretty good, but the back of my arms was the sore part of the ride. The yoga downward dog really takes it out of me.

Off the bike, change, and out the door in 2 min 30 seconds.
Ran 15 minutes, then walked another 8 to cool down. It just so happens, completely by accident, that the loop I ran walked is nearly exactly 3 Km. The 15 min run took me 2.3 Km. If you do the math, just as a baseline, you end up with 9.2 Km/hr, or 6:30/Km pace. Considering that a few weeks ago anything more than running for the bus would do me in, I'm really pleased. My heartrate was high 130's, low 140's for the run, and breathing felt good. Quads felt fine, calves are a bit heavy.

Totals for the week
Swim 2.5 hr
Bike 3 hr
Run 1.75
Total 7.25, plus if you care to count it, 3 hrs yoga.

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