Saturday, November 10, 2007

That's much better

The swim today was much more like what I think of as normal. The total was 3000 m in 59 min in 59:39. The first 1000 m went by so fast I didn't look at my watch for that split, but it was probably about 19:20. The other splits were:
1500 m 29:24 (almost a minute faster than last Wed, with much less effort.)
2000 m 39:30

After the swim I went into the dive tank and did a bit of pool pilates.

The last three laps was where I slowed down because my elbows were starting to hurt. Up till then the lap splits were pretty well bang on a minute, except for some fast laps at the beginning. I didn't keep track of heart rate, but I was pushing a bit so I was breathing a bit harder than normal towards the end. Not so hard I was gasping, but hard enough I was expanding my lungs fully. There were a few times I got some water instead of air, but that wasn't catastrophic, it just made me really eager to make the next breath really good. I was concentrating on getting in a long strong smooth pull with elbows up throughout the swim, with a nice easy kick.

The next lane had a coached group going, with 4 quite fast women sharing the lane. One of them had a breast stroke that was almost as fast as my freestyle. Trying to keep up with them occasionally made for some fast laps, but also made for some choppy water when they were practicing dolphin kick.

I'm really pleased by this time. It's the first time I've done 3 K in under 1 hour in many years. The other times I've gone this distance I was a hair over, and had to sprint the last few laps to get there. Today didn't have a sprint at the end. I suspect I could have swum another 1000 m, but it wouldn't have been under, or even on, 1 hour 20 minutes, and my arms would have been hurting units.

That wouldn't have been good for the plane ride this afternoon. Linda I are going back to Ontario today to attend her Mom's funeral on Monday. This isn't particularly a surprise. She's been ill for some time, and the last several weeks have had been a pretty abrupt decline. Linda was able to spend several months with her earlier this year, and has had time to prepare for this. She's doing fine and gives her thanks for those who have called to express their sympathies. She's sorry that she can't cheer on Susi during the run on Sunday, as am I. It's a bummer to miss yoga and spin class, but these things happen.

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