Wednesday, November 21, 2007

swim day at the slow pool

My body has been conditioned to treat exercise as a wake up call, since almost all my swimming is done in the early morning, and almost all my riding has been during the warm part of the day. Now I've got spin class in the evening, and my poor brain and bod doesn't quite know what to think. I found it difficult to relax and go to sleep.

Getting up wasn't the problem but actually getting out of bed was a struggle. The blankets, you see, had a good grip on me and weren't letting go. I'd got them all warmed up and they weren't going to give up without a struggle. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. What did the trick was to think of the pool, and how nice it would feel to be in the water again.

500 m warmup, 10 min
5 x 100 m in 100 seconds, on 150 second start. (not quite as quick as Greg but I'm pleased.)
500 m easy and relaxed, 10 min 30 seconds.
15 min pool pilates.

Total 45 minutes.

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