Saturday, November 3, 2007

The last semi-nice day for a ride

Once I had the bike computer installed, then noticed it was sunny and above zero, how could I not want to go for a ride? Life, as always, is more complicated than that. Normally I'd have waited till a bit later in the day so it would be as warm as possible. But it was supposed to get windier throughout the day, cumulating in snow tonight, and my wife's sister was flying in about noon. My first thought was to get home from the airport in good time and head out on the bike. Well, it being Air Canada and all, the flight was delayed. It also got nicer, faster, than I thought it would.

About mid-morning we figured I'd have time for a nice ride, if not terribly long, if I left that moment. The window was about an hour and 45 minutes max, for both the airport and how long I figured my butt would last. Dress and prep and zoom!

At first I thought I'd over dressed; within 5 min I was warm. Then I got into the wind and cooled down quickly. Slowed down quickly too. My thought was to ride for 45 minutes from the house on 22X heading west, turn around and come home. Well, my goodness. There I was, pedalling downhill, and not even going 25 Kph.

The mountains were gorgeous! The view going west on 22X varies from damn good to spectacular, and I had time to appreciate it. By the half way point my butt was getting sore again. Turning around all of a sudden it got way easier. There I was at near 40 Kph on the flats. Turning north on 37 st I saw a couple of guys getting ready for a ride, and I waved at them. A few minutes later I saw a strung out pack of about 8 people out for a ride, just as the day was getting to its nicest. I had a brief fantasy about having left at the same time, and joining them, and being able to keep up. My bike might be fast, but I'm not yet.

Here's the numbers. 29 K ride in 1 hr 15 minutes, for average 23 Kph, and an average cadence of 77 according to spiffy new bike computer. Now if only I can figure out how to start the timing NOW, and end it NOW, so average numbers are accurate. I wasn't wearing my heart monitor, so I don't know that, but it seemed like I was breathing harder than I normally do on a bike.

Who knows when I'll get to ride outside again? With Calgary's chinook winds it could happen any time.

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