Wednesday, November 7, 2007

There's a line dance called the Achey Breaky

And that's how I felt during my swim this morning. Not, I think from spin class last night. This was in my mid-back and shoulders especially on the left side, hurting when I tried to breathe deeply. So I figured I'd do a nice easy relaxing swim. I haven't felt so bad during a swim since forever. I was slow slow slow, flailing around in the water like the geezers in the next lane. At about the 23 minute mark it came together for a while, then started falling apart again just at the end of the 30 minutes. The 1500 m took 30 min 10 seconds. I'm almost ashamed to say that.

In the evening I had a meeting with Greg to get started on the coaching thing. He's got the info he needs to come up with the plan to get me through the Chinook Half next June. Up to now I've done workouts based on how I felt when I started, with no overall plan. I'm really excited to see that there is a way to set up workouts so as to learn and practice certain skills, then use them to build endurance and strength, and get rest, all in an organized fashion. For me it's easier to do something when you know how it leads toward an overall goal.


  1. Keith!! A little early in the season to be worried about a swim You are a TRIATHLETE! Not many people have the guts to go out there day after day after day and put their bodies and heads to the test to see what they are made of! YOU ROCK!

  2. yeah Keith so there and by the way - what's wrong with 1500 meters in 30 mins?? lmao - I hate to tell ya I think I did less than that yesterday ....

  3. Thanks for the kind comments. My normal time for 1500 m at a relaxed pace is just under 30 min. So really, I'm only a few seconds off. It was just tough going. I guess there's going to be days like that.


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