Sunday, December 2, 2007

light recovery bike spin

The IGP™ called for a 60 min spin session on Friday. I didn't. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday was a 6 hour workout cleaning the garage. This became necessary earlier in the week when it became clear we had aquired some univited guests. We had waaaay to much crap in the garage anyway, so it needed doing, no question. It's just that a day when it's -15 or so wouldn't be my first choice. But it's done, though the 4 bags of fence post cement just about did me in. You can actually walk around the car now!

I even skipped yoga on Saturday evening because I hurt so much. I didn't think the promised "active" session would be a good idea on top of exhausted muscles.

Sunday I was back to a normal stiff and sore and I still had the bike session in mind. I did a few minutes stretching then onto the bike. The plan was a nice easy smooth spin for as long as it felt good. The warmup was slow, gradually building speed to 85 rmp in 10 min. Stayed there for another 15 before I felt comfortable, then spent the next 20 spinning between 85 and 90 rpm in a nice easy gear, concentrating on light feet going around and around. Mostly it felt good, though my arms and hands were still sore. At the 45 min mark my calves and hams gave up and said "enough!" in terms that couldn't be ignored, so I did about 15 min yoga stretching them out and doing a bit of massage. I'm pretty pleased, mainly because my legs feel better, and I pedaled for 45 min straight without stopping or even feeling particularly uncomfortable. I think the clicking or popping noise that was bugging me earlier in the week is my shoe. I think. That noise only sort of appeared a few times.

Weekly totals
S 2.16 hrs
B 1.25 hrs
R 1.25 hrs
Total, 4.66 hours, not counting Monday Yoga, and not counting 6 hours garage workout. If it was warmer I'd certainly have worked up a sweat, and I'm fairly sure heart rate was edging into training zone.

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  1. Hye I am all for counting some of life's other adventures as a work out - I mean, hell - shoveling has to count for something!!!


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