Thursday, December 19, 2019

Sunrise near Banff

My buddy Sean invited me to join him on a trip out to Banff area for some sunrise shots. He had a place in mind, and since I've not been to Banff much, it was all good to me. Alas, the actual sunrise was nothing to write home about. I didn't see that tiny hit of colour at the time. I'm guessing that's because I was looking down at the camera for that few seconds.

These next two are the ones I like most from the pre-breakfast part of the shoot. I love the 50's pastel colour of the dock, and the light was really nice.

It took a couple of tries to get the shots right for the panorama, and even more to decide exactly how to edit it. 20700 x 6176 px or about 6 feet x 2 feet for a highly detailed print.

Then on the way home the light got really good and we pulled off the highway several times.

This one is special for me because I dropped it into Photoshop to remove a big ugly street light pole. Even more special? No swearing.

In the image serendipity department, we have the lovely and triumphant Michelle!

Deadwood of the Day

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  1. Great capture and expression on Michelle's face. The first 3 photos in this sequence are quite wonderful.
    ~ 1 for the triangle of lights moon, sun, light on top of sulfur mountain (Banff gondola)
    ~ 2 for pastel serenity that has a timeless quality to it
    ~ 3 This photo has grown on me. Initially I was neutral on this photo. Now, I really like it. The two docks and their placement really work and leads my eye to circulates through this image counter clockwise beginning in the bottom left. Nicely Done.
    Thank you for the company. Cheers, Sean


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