Sunday, December 1, 2019

November image of the month

For some reason I thought the first was on Monday. I was chugging away on a huge wall of text post about my cynical view of the working world, thinking I'd publish that today and let you read it over your morning coffee. Except I got invited on an early morning walk out in the Cross Conservation area. I've been meaning to go for years. Finally. On the way back in I was reminded that today was the first. So I'm glad I'd made my selections the other day.

Second Runner Up
The more I look at this, the more I like it. I'm not sure why. Even a few months ago I would not have picked this as my style at all.

First Runner Up
The much discussed tree and sky. Even after dissecting it into 3 images, I prefer the whole.

And the winner!
After a snowfall can be a delightful time to go for a walk. I came in the path off to the right and strolled around the bench a little looking at the river view. Then I came back along the other path, and chanced to turn around. That's good advice for photographers, always look around. I saw this, and was enchanted. Something about the light through the snow dusted trees, and that bench just rings my chimes.
This was the cover for the December Woodcreek Chronicle.


  1. The winner is well executed but, as you may suspect, the second runner up is the one that I return to. The aspect ratio, the absence of both blacks and whites (it is all grey), and well executed all contribute to an image that is engaging over the longer haul. Cheers, Sean


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