Thursday, December 12, 2019

Now. Then is much nicer.

Two months ago I was looking at this.

Out the back door I now see this.

Two months ago was better, so I'll show you more of that. From a Neil Zeller workshop in October.

Deadwood of the Day


  1. I really like the zig-zag pattern in the bottom 2/3 of number 3 and the blue coat is a nice touch. 2 and 6 are nearlies. In 2 I find the branches on the left a distraction. The pano format for 6 is great - I just wish there was a little bit more room to the right of the right most person. Cheers, Sean

    1. Those branches on the left are the ones I was talking about. I tried removing them in Lightroom, and failed miserably. You'd think it would be easy with the spot removal tool. But no, no matter what I did there was a dark smudge left behind on the edge of the photo.


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