Sunday, December 22, 2019

Going through the unblogged photos

I'm starting to gather my thoughts for several periodic blogs. The year end one. The image of the month. The image of the year. I know you're all burning with eagerness to see these. I'm burning with eagerness to write them.

Yesterday was the last of the Christmas shopping for me, doing some on behalf of a busy group. Traffic was nuts. I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere now. The only going is a new bus route starting up on Monday, the Max Yellow, starting from our neighbourhood to downtown, via MRU and some other destinations, such as, Southland Leisure Centre, Heritage Park, Rockyview Hospital, 2 stops near our massage therapist, and several stops downtown. This would have been good for me when I was working downtown. I'm not sure how much I'll use it now, but we'll ride it just to see. There may be photographs. I know you're shocked.

For those of you keeping track, this will be blog 361 for the year. I'll bet you didn't know that 361 is a semi-prime number, in that it's the square of a prime number, 19. It's right between two nearby prime numbers, if that's any consolation to you, 359 and 367.

Here is a random collection of photos, complete with a bit of a story about them.

More from my photo ramble with Sean the other day. You can look here for more if you missed them. We were looking for sunrise shots, and this is about as good as it got for colour in the clouds.

Sean hard at it.

Banff residents will yawn at this photo. Sorry.
But this got me onto demonyms. Yes, that's a real word.
If people that live in Calgary are Calgarians, and those in Edmonton are Edmontonians, and Vancouver are Canuckleheads, and Halifax are Haligonians, then what on earth are people from Banff called? Banffite? Banffese? Banffan? Comment if you know.

One of the mountain shots along the way.

This is after a bit of an adventure. What we see is nearly the end point of a daily routine. The coffee is about to be poured into mugs for consumption. Except at first I was gently trying to fit the coffee filter plunger into the thermos.

Back in October I was puzzled. There is a pedestrian bridge under construction, and the ramp up to it is wide enough for a 4 lane road. I visited it again the other day, and the pedestrian part is being installed. It's the width you'd expect, about 2 m. So what's with the ramp? I remain puzzled. Yes, the road allowance is really wide too. As near as I can tell, there is room for about 16 lanes of traffic.

Curtis getting up from a nap and going for a stroll.

Deadwood of the Day

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  1. You're correct - demonym is a word and a new one for me. Congratulations on capturing those fleeting seconds of dawn colour. Cheers, Sean


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