Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Pity I didn't have this shot

A few days ago I wrote about sleep, and used the cover of the book as a photo. Ok, if pedestrian.

Pity I didn't have this shot available, that would have been hands down better. Linda isn't actually asleep, but from this angle it looks it. Once both cats are asleep in your lap, it's hard to stay awake.

This one isn't quite as appropriate, but Celina is a hard sleeper some days.

It's been a busy week on the photography front, if somewhat limited. First 865 photos for the community association, then 861 for a private client. Plus the editing of course. So far everyone is happy about it.

Deadwood of the Day

In the serendipity department, this is the same file number as the deadwood photo. With it being cold and snowing here today, I thought a shot of warmth would be well received. I was looking for driftwood shots on the beach at Napier North, and a couple surfers asked if I'd take photos of them.

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