Monday, December 23, 2019

Macro Monday 34, icy experiments

Don't get too excited. These were experimental shots with the macro lens at about 3 or 4x magnification. None are as good as I hoped, but I learned lots. I was till looking for little structures, as opposed to a snowflake. Lots of these reminded me of little ice insects.

One of the main learnings is that I had too much magnification for what I was trying to shoot. The depth of field is so narrow it's hard to get enough of it in focus to be a nice shot. Getting individual snowflakes, though, it might be a thing, provided I get all set up for it. Now it's going to be forever before we get a nice snowflake day.

Breathing is also an issue in cold weather. Why? Because unless you're careful you are breathing out on your camera. It will condense on the camera, fogging up your lens and view screen. A few times I've thought of repurposing a specialty swimming snorkel. It's the kind that goes straight back over my head, meant to teach swimmers to keep their head down and aligned with their spine. It would be a great way of keeping my hot breath off my cold camera. I can only imagine what my neighbours would think.

Still going through images from the rest of the year. Christmas shopping is all done. We were out very first thing, Linda wild eyed and ready to trample, but it turned out not to be necessary. Where we were going was not all that busy, and traffic wasn't bad. I made another trip a bit later to the library, and the mall next door was a madhouse.









Deadwood of the Day

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  1. A lot of the photographic process is about practice and exploration - very interesting work in progress. I recently watched the documentary Carmine Street Guitars. One of the musicians commented that in the case of a song or album we the listener are not privy to the amount of effort that has occurred to produce something of note. Photography like any other art form has that same hidden effort. Cheers, Sean


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