Monday, November 19, 2018

While I was grilling bison burgers

There I was, about to put bison burgers on the BBQ (It's November 19) I heard a goose honking and looked up. There was a good sized V of geese heading north. There was another one, even bigger, behind it, completely silent. These guys were good, it was actually a double V.

Part way through the grilling, about to put the cheese on the buns, and there's a huge commotion of geese. This flock was more than twice as big as the first several put together, and they were a mess. No established V, or anything close to it. I could easily imagine the birds swearing at one another.

There's been several more along the way this evening, all heading north and a bit east, towards downtown. Maybe there's a goose festival happening.

Peering out at the sky has become a habit of mine. One never knows when the clouds will be good. I didn't think they would work out since it was pretty clear, but there was some lovely orange light in the sky and I zoomed out.

That's actually a play on words. I put on the wide Tokina lens. It's really built for a crop sensor camera, but it's got an odd design, in that I can put it on my full frame. As long as I don't try to go wider than about 18 mm, I get a 2.8 lens, which is sort of the minimum required for astro stuff. So, ok, no, this is nothing special.

Then I turned around just in time. Look at the moon. closer. You might have to embiggen it, though the shutter speed was a bit slow and I moved ever so slightly.

Same with this one, but I held still.

Pity the geese hadn't given me just a few seconds more warning.

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