Sunday, November 18, 2018

Well, that was funny light

I was out chasing sunset the other night. The rest of the sunset was so-so, but I kept looking at this, wondering if the camera would capture those rays of light. I've seen the opposite of this many times, where there are rays of sunlight coming through the clouds and spreading out, as if the sun was just above the clouds.

But as I took this shot the sun is setting behind me, almost completely obscured by low clouds. Anderson road is heading essentially due east, and the rays look like they are coming from the little mall at 24th and Braeside.

Except I suspect there are clouds refracting the sun's rays like a giant lens, focusing the light off to the north east. Kind of a pity there isn't some loathsome politician at the focus point, getting roasted.

A little later I got this, still looking mostly east, this time a bit south.

The action to the west was meh. By this point the sun was completely behind a huge bank of clouds, so it was interesting to see the clouds off to the east being lighted up.

This is as close to an artistic shot the evening got for me.

Hardly anyone has read yesterday's blog, so I suspect I forgot to tell you about it. Mostly about swim stuff, if you're interested.

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  1. The first photo makes me think of a lost time (that never existed) of grand movie openings against the backdrop of banal contemporary urban development. I played with a couple of pieces of paper and placed the construction sign in the lower right corner of a square. Cheers, Sean


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