Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The rest of the ramble photos

Remembrance Day is usually a quiet time for me. Unlike many Canadians, I don't know of any close relatives that were killed in either of WWI or WWII. My father was still a child at the end of  WWII, and both my grandfathers would have been mid-teens or so at the end of WWI. There was a Lieutenant Arthur James Austen-Cartmell killed in action at Vimy Ridge in June 1916 aged 23. In November that year, his brother Captain Hugh Geoffrey Austen-Cartmell was killed in action in the Somme. At closest they would be cousins of my father's father, and may well be essentially no relation at all.

Still, one need not have relatives killed or wounded in action to appreciate the society we live in, one of peace and freedom, and remember the price in blood that was paid. We keep poppies on our fridge year round as a reminder.

I was out for a photo ramble in Fish Creek that day, hunting for a cover photo for the local community association. I could wish the light was better, but we don't get much choice about that. I've already posted some of the photos I had taken, here. One has been chosen, and here are the others. Once the December issue is published, I'll post that photo here or on my photo blog, if I think of it.

This is Willem, the fat-bike guy I was chatting with.

Bridge 3

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