Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Library, the stairs

Stairs are a major part of the central area in the new library. But not obvious stairs all in a neat pile, good only for walking up and down. No, these are are part of the ambiance. They are a joy to walk up, and to do them all you have to stroll around a bit and you get to appreciate more of the lovely views. The curves never stop!

This was a fun shot, pointing the camera up along the rail. Almost kind of a pity someone wasn't standing just exactly in the right place at the top of the stairs.

Yes, I hung onto the camera quite carefully for this shot. It's a long way down.

I played with the settings for these next two shots, trying to get the effect of ascending the stairs from mostly darkness into the light, but I never quite got it to work out the way I wanted.


  1. I'm loving all of these library shots!

  2. Me too! Have you visited the Human Rights Museum in Winnepeg. You'd love it there too for these sorts of shots.


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