Saturday, November 10, 2018


So much of it! Everywhere! We still have the detour on the detour near the local Safeway, though that looks like it's wrapping up. There are many new stakes along the south side of Anderson road, so we suspect excavation will begin there soon.

These first three are the new ring road. I've no idea what the writing on the stake means, but clearly there is meaning. In the month since I've taken this, there have been no holes dug nearby.

Fish Creek near the TUC (Transportation Utility Corridor, as it is referred to on many signs and drawings), or the Ring Road as most people call it.

This was in the cul-de-sac just behind us. I showed this photo to my buddy that works for BC Work Safe, and the reply was unprintable. You can see he hasn't fastened the safety harness.

This is the 24th St storm drain. That hold is a long way down and is in complete shadow. I was holding the camera over my head to clear the fence, and sort of guessed at the settings. They are pushing this huge drain underneath some other utilities that are under the street. Nothing went boom or whoosh, so I guess they did it right.

More ring road, this is the bridge that will transition 130 Ave to Bullhead Rd. What you see is going to be freeway underneath. They've left room for about twice as many lanes as I thought were going in.

Always fun to watch cranes at work.

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  1. So first to the clarifications.
    1) Earlier last week I made some comment about SMART goals. I believe that SMART has its place in the world of business. Outside the commercial world, goals have their use and allow us to do great things. Those personal goals though do not have to be bound by commercial terms and limitations. Furthermore, in the personal realm I believe the journey must also have its rewards and pleasures.
    2) I have been thinking of stickiness this past week, and how I return to some pictures and others have a fleeting life. And so I return to you image of the month. Your choice of image of the month has proven to be a sticky photo (the runner up not so much). Well Done!
    3) Yes, I usually visit at least once week, and often I check your blog throughout the week.
    For Tuesday Nov. 06
    I really enjoy the long shadows of the trees in the first photo.
    For Thursday Nov 8
    One of the rewards from those 3 sunset photos is that photos 1 and 3 are taken from nearly the same spot. Those photos demonstrate how the sky is endlessly fascinating - different day, different sky ,different feel.
    For Saturday Nov 10
    What’s not to love about construction sites. They are endlessly fascinating – something about the slow march of Tonka toys and mini-figs creating things so much larger than they. Cheers, Sean


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