Sunday, November 11, 2018

Cover hunting

Some of you know that I take photos for my local community association. Several of my photos have made the cover, which is nice. I was asked if I had any nice wintery scenes. Duh!

Except its trickier than it sounds. The cover is an odd size, 174 mm wide (a bit under 7 inches) x a hair under 210 mm (8.25 inches) tall, and there's the masthead and other text info that takes up some space. I almost don't even try to compose for it. I take a big shot, and send them the whole thing. They can crop to suit and place the text where they like. One shot I sent them has a small little red for sale sign low in one corner but it's otherwise nice. People with mad Photoshop skillz can remove it, or even easier, put a word on top of it.

The walk through Fish Creek looking for cover photos was wonderful. I went there while it was still snowing a bit, only to find an amazing number of footprints and bike tire tracks. I chatted with one of the fat bike riders (it's the bike tires that are fat, not the rider) and got some photos of him.

So whichever don't go on the cover will show up here sooner or later.

Here's some that are not in consideration for the cover. The light was erratic; you can see in some shots it's very flat and cloudy, and in others the sun has broken through.

Bridge two is my favourite, any time of year.

Not far from here is a panorama shot that I think has good odds of being the cover.

Shooting just under bridge 3. I like this pattern of rocks, but I'm still working on getting really nice light for it.

Just about the sunniest shot of the day.

This is the fat-bike cyclist I was talking to.

Not the fat-bike cyclist I was talking to.

Not sure why I like fences.

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