Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Light and dark trees, a contemplation

Every now and then I like to take a step back and look over my photographic and blog output. There is some overlap between them, since many photos show up on the blog. Such a simple thing, you think, some photos show up on the blog. You would be wrong.

Firstly, photos often tend to come in batches. I might end up with a dozen or more from any one ramble, and the rambles might happen close together. Then there is blog writing. I like the text and photos to go along together, but it doesn't always happen. Then there are periodic blogs like the image of the month, or the macro Mondays, or topical ones like the full moon, or some event. They might displace other photos in the pipeline.

So that means going back to pick out the desired photos. Except after a few days that gets harder. I can easily see when I took any particular photo, but it might have appeared in the blog any time after that date, though usually within a week. But not always.

So then I had the brainwave of tagging each photo as I use it in the blog, and creating a smart folder of the photos not blogged within the last month. I figure if I don't use it in a month I'm probably not going to. Except I'm not 100% at tagging photos.

I was doing some photo review and noticed a few that I couldn't believe I hadn't blogged. In fact, I was sure I'd blogged them. I went back and looked, and so I had. I fixed the tags. Along the way I came across a few that hadn't been blogged, and I couldn't see any particular reason why.

That happens sometimes. I'll edit the photo, but then decided not to use it, and the reasons are usually obvious. These two are from about a year ago. Not my most stellar work, and they are in no danger of becoming image of the month. Yet, right now anyways, they evoke a mood in me. Maybe there were lots of other photos in the pipeline at the time and these fell off the truck, so to speak.

The daylight one is down in Fish Creek during an early morning ramble.

This dawn one was as I hustled across the street to see what sunrise was going to do.

Light on trees can be fascinating or boring, and till you see it on screen you don't know what you have. Our eyes see differently than cameras, and there's lots of times I think I've got a great shot with great light, and on screen it's all ho hum.

We have winter starting again now, and I'm still not over last winter and all the white. I suppose I'll get out again soon, but it hasn't happened just recently. I've been putting a bit of focus on the fitness stuff and making progress, and on the writing, trying to figure out a way of keeping a scene I quite like, but what it's associated with conflicts with something else, and if I chop that out, then the rest doesn't make sense.

There are some photo projects I've had in mind for a while now, and have started to work on. Stay tuned.

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