Thursday, November 8, 2018

Sunrise, sunset, so quick

A year ago was a stellar time for sunrise and sunsets. (Did you see what I did there?) This year, not so much. Still, there was that chessboard in the sky a few weeks back, and some sunset colour with the nearly full moon. The last one I was hoping it would get better, but this was as good as it got.

I was thinking this was the week I was going to GET STUFF DONE. At least get started at it. But here it is Thursday evening (how did that happen so fast?) and precious little of it is checked off. I really need to give myself a bit of a kick in the rump and pick it up a bit here.

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  1. A comment from my buddy ugh "One of the rewards from those 3 sunset photos is that photos 1 and 3 are taken from nearly the same spot. Those photos demonstrate how the sky is endlessly fascinating - different day, different sky, different feel."


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