Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The stars of the blog

Life with two demanding cats (as if there are any other kinds) is difficult after the Daylight Savings Time fall clocks go back thing. Us humans get more sleep, typically. Or maybe an extra hour doing something you like. (Keep scrolling down, past the cats, hard as that might be. There's a library teaser photo.)

Cats don't know about DST. They only know they are hungry when their tummy tells them. Curtis runs about an hour fast at the best of times, yet we fear the vet-ly eye more than his imprecations to feed us. The vet is on our case to make sure we keep his weight at a reasonable number, which is much less than what Curtis (who's never met a crunchy he didn't like) would like.

In the hour before feeding, Curtis starts getting right up in my face. His fur is between my eyes and whatever I might be looking at. He will bunt my arms and face with his head. A 15 or so pound cat can put quite a bit of force into that, and woe betide any electronics underneath the mug or glass in that arm. There's been some close calls.

Now, with the clock going back, the production starts 2 or more hours before the regular feeding time. There's an old Peanuts cartoon where Snoopy tries to get fed an hour earlier each day, but Charlie Brown is on to him, pointing out that gives him an extra meal every now and then. I'm sure this is the strategy Curtis is trying.

I say be like Saskatchewan and end this nonsense. Pick one and stick with it. And in the nonsense department, we're still thrashing about the Olympic bid. The yes camp is losing it's shit, pulling out all the nostalgia stops from 88. That was then, this is now. Do the math. We can't afford a 2 week party. Or rather, we can't afford the decades long tax hangover. We know the budget is a farce.

The new library cost $245 million. Lots of money to be sure, but less than what is touted as our share of the bid. For that we get an amazing purpose built building that will serve Calgarians for decades, perhaps generations. I'd love to live closer so it would be 'my' library. I'd take my laptop and write there. It is an amazing space!

I was trying to get  shot of him drooped over the edge, but he woke up.

Celina is a hard snoozer, and typically doesn't wake up.

Though Curtis didn't wake up for these. Head pressed against the hated rival object.

The big thing today was our first visit to the new Central Library. All I can say is wow. WOW! This is only a teaser photo. I'm hoping to get in on an exclusive tour with some buddies, before business hours. You'll see better photos then, and there's lots on line now if you look. This is the entrance.

I'm serious. I was expecting nice, after all the build up, but it's beyond nice. On the inside it might well be the most spectacular public building in the city. This is worth some time to visit.

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