Friday, June 1, 2018

The first bee photos of 2018, flying even!

Bees are a challenge. They're always moving, and their weight moves the flowers. Plus the wind. Plus trying to get the focus and everything else right. I was out to capture the yellow Iris, and while I was practicing on the big clematis blossom, a bee flew in. I chased him for a bit, and got these. Not perfect yet, but I'm out of practice.

I have begun to dither happily over image of the month. My plan is to sleep in Saturday, and then over coffee in a leisurely way, consider my choices. A few people have let me know the one(s) they liked, thank you very much! It's not too late, feel free to check them out and tell me which you'd like to buy in a huge print. I mean, which appeals to you most.

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