Sunday, June 24, 2018


It's been a busy weekend for photos. A family fun day event for the local community association. Trying to get some photos for a writer buddy of mine for inspiration. Yes, JB, this chunk of river is deep enough to hide a body in, if the current will let it sink to the bottom. Not a bet I'd want to make if I had a body to hide. Though there are lots of rocks nearby. Hmmm.

Plus the Wild Rose Triathlon today. That was most of the photos, and I'm pleased with how most of them turned out. I'm really pleased with some of them. You can see them via my photo blog, if you so desire. Look for the Wild Rose 2018 gallery.

It was a fun day! BRBE Michelle was part of a team with Erika and Tara, and they placed second. I ran into several buddies and chatted. One recognized me from a swim camp put on by Client Lien and Sara Gross oh so many years ago. It's the 'stache, I can never shave it unless I want to go into hiding. Of course the famous Rose and Richelle put on an amazing event! If you're a woman looking to get into triathlon, there is no better race than this one to get started. Well run, fabulous swag, amazing food, and they always have the best weather. You've got a year, start training!

It worked out to 1621 photos over two days. Not even close to a record, but it's still a lot of clicking, and appreciating the mass edit features in Lightroom.

Oh, and a buddy from Nova Scotia dropped in for coffee and scones on Saturday. Pity it was pour rain in a major way. We had been looking forward to chatting on the patio, and enjoying the garden.

Here's Michelle and her team crossing the finish line.

Meanwhile I'm nearly ready for bed. Oh, except for a few white peony shots, lest you get withdrawl symptoms or something.

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