Thursday, May 31, 2018

Let the dithering begin!

Yesterday I posted a preview of the photos in the running for image of the month. Maybe I was hasty. I just looked at the camera chip a few minutes ago, and am musing about adding any of these. I'm going to like thinking about which of them will be the one, and why.

I was thinking today about photographers who travel to the ends of the earth to get great photos. Yes, they can end up with gorgeous photos, but there are days I think, 'really, you can't find anything beautiful to photograph near home?' All of these are taken in our garden, meaning I probably walked further inside the house to get the camera, than I did from the door to the garden.

If I'm willing to drive a couple hours or so, I can get to some of the most stunning scenery on earth. Getting a good shot is a matter of doing a bit of planning, maybe shifting some sleep a few hours forward or back, and getting a bit lucky with the clouds and sun. If not this trip, then the next, and in the meantime you've been out enjoying yourself. Right?

Work is cutting into that out enjoying thing a bit, but there are compensations. It's always sweet preparing the invoice for the first month's work.

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