Sunday, June 10, 2018


A long time ago we were out for a walk around the neighbourhood. One house had some hens and chicks that I liked to look at growing near their steps. Then one day it had all been dug up, leaving a bunch of them high and dry. We rescued them and planted them near the dread Alberta rose, and they've been happily growing ever since, slowly taking over that area.

They're the sort of plant you don't notice much, but they have amazing detail when you look closely. The first time I did this I was astonished at the fine white hairs in the centre. I thought it was a white patch. These are all with the 100 mm lens, but I've been meaning to get out there again with the 65 mm 5x macro. I did that a bit last year, but have some ideas for better shots this year. In the mean time, here they are at a normal scale.

Oh, and I did some updates on my photo blog.

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