Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mindfulness. Or not.

My manager and I had this conversation this morning. No, not the one that leads to packing up your things. We were talking about making notes to ourselves, documenting what we're doing, and then leaving it behind. Both of us are learning how much context is needed before asking, "So how is task x coming along?" because there have been blank looks on both sides.

We are all focussed on our tasks, scurrying to meet deadlines. Concentrating hard. Everything else slides out of our minds. Like Sherlock Holmes and his brain attic full of useful facts, I like to think, though I'm likely to remember the earth goes around the sun. I'm not likely to remember what was in an email I sent 5 minutes ago. In fact, I've proved it any number of times.

This photo is an example. I know it was taken in our garden. I just can't find those plants again. I have no idea where I was standing. I look at the photo, and all I can think is that I should sell the image to a puzzle manufacturer.

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