Monday, June 11, 2018

Going into HDTU mode

Here I go. Last weekend was a lovely quiet domestic weekend, with photo stuff, wine stuff, BBQ, writing, relaxing, all that good stuff. This week at work is starting hectic and is probably going to stay that way, as are the next several weeks. I'd like to go to the Global Petroleum Show, but I'm not sure if I'm going to get time.

Next weekend is booked up. The weekend after is really booked up. I had always thought time was invented so everything wouldn't happen at once, but the June 23 24 is crazy. I'd have loved to go on Neil's Central Alberta tour, but I have my own photo gigs to do. Yes, plural.

The rest of June is going to disappear in a blur. I was already behind on getting photos into the blog now, and it's likely going to get even worse. In fact, if my blog doesn't appear for a few days, don't despair, just send energy and time, if you have any to spare.

The mint is coming along very nicely, but then, I think it could come along nicely in anything short of a huge asteroid strike. I was kneeling down to get this shot, and didn't think anything of it. Curtis, however, went crazy sniffing at my knee. Then he tried to eat it, which was a huge surprise. I guess his sensitive sniffer caught the mint, and it is the same family as cat nip.

Oh, and HDTU stands for Head Down, Tail Up.

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