Friday, June 8, 2018

The dread Alberta rose is first!

This rose makes an old boot look like a weenie. We didn't plant it. One day it showed up, and started taking over. We know it is working hard to fulfill it's plans of lawn domination because I'm always pulling out shoots when I mow the lawn. None the less, it does have a soft side, in that it produces blooms of a lovely pastel light pink.

 Here is a another look at it, with the blossom showing up in the top part of it. If you embiggen the photo I'm sure you can see the thorns.

The next rose coming along is in the front bed where it gets lots of sunlight, but lives under the disadvantage of having everything that was on the driveway, in terms of road guck, getting shovelled onto it during the winter.

Linda says this is a carnation.

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