Saturday, June 16, 2018

The naked butter tart

There are a great many things happening today. The most important of which for me is sleeping in. This doesn't actually mean I slept till noon or anything. Don't be silly. I actually slept till 4:30, which is much later than usual. Then I snoozed some more, not quite awake, not quite asleep, but mainly not having to get up and be somewhere. I find I do some of my best writing in that state. Earlier this week I woke up knowing another chunk of my novel, which is getting written in between other things.

Most of the week it's get up and head to work, and a couple of days it's pool first, then work. I'm getting back in the groove of full time, and it took me longer than I thought it would. Most of the time going to bed I'm out like a light.

Other things happening include Chinook Triathlon. I'm glad I'm not doing it this year. It's cloudy, rainy off and on, and cool. The race to Millarville is happening in conjunction with the market opening. A buddy of mine did it this year, her comment was "soooo windy and hilly and chilly". I did it a year ago, and don't remember it being especially hilly, but then again, there's lots of things I don't remember anymore.

Linda was out to Millarville for the first day of the market. She was hoping to get more of the nice big flower baskets, but even though she got there right at the opening bell, they were nearly sold out. There were other treats though, mainly butter tarts. The Canadian Butter Tart Factory was there with their awesome tarts. Best ever! This is one of their basic ones.

Meanwhile I've been out taking peony shots. This is an experiment with HDR that ever so slightly did not go as planned. There's lots of other nice shots that I will work into the blog along the way. I wouldn't want you to see them all at once and get bored or something.

The red peony is still working on showtime.

I'm almost not sure which part I like more, the plant stalk, or the bokehlishious background.

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  1. A comment imported from Facebook: "That last one is awesome. You need both to set each other off in stunning fashion."


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