Tuesday, June 26, 2018

OK, so today I regretted

What a lovely morning! I was outside briefly very first thing, pre-dawn even, and it nearly captured me. After getting some coffee and feeding the cats, I was outside a bit more, thinking it would be perfect to work on my novel(s) while sipping coffee, watching the day begin. Alas, work was calling. Just before leaving I was out with my camera to see what the flowers had been up to overnight. Wow!

The light was catching this geranium just right, and I nearly laid down on the dewy grass to get the camera angle just right. Then I remembered I was in work clothes. Still, this is why articulating back screens and live view were invented. Yes, 4 stars.

Some of you may have seen this on Instagram already. Life is so hard for you.

Another of these. Every now and then I catch the light. For some reason I thought this was the third one, but I can only find two.

And a couple more white peony just for you.

And to finish you off in style, the red peony complete with ants.

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