Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The peony state

We have several peonies. Two of them, the red and white ones at the side of the house have been there for many years and are doing very well for themselves. They are about to bloom. A fern leaf peony in the back is also doing well, with it's blooms almost fading now. There was a couple new ones, still in the pot and blooming. A couple new ones were planted on the side of the house last year or the year before. They are just getting over their planting sulk and beginning to grow.

I can't wait for the blooms to come out! I just hope to be around when the light is nice for another contender for image of the year.

Here, in blogger order are some of the photos of them. Actually this turns out to be date order as well, earliest to most recent.

Of course with peonies you get ants as well, lending interest.


  1. Interesting to note that at this scale, I think of coral - cool. Cheers, Sean

  2. Gorgeous flower shots, Keith. We only have one peony atm. I transplanted it a couple of years ago and it's taken its good ol' time settling in. It looks like I may finally get some blooms this year! I'll be sure to photograph them if I do.


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