Sunday, September 10, 2017

Yukon, so much more

I don't even know where to begin. Really. This is amazing. I came into this trip without expectations, knowing it would be great, but not know how exactly.

Consider my expectations mega-exceeded already. 4 day, 4000 photos, and we're going out again RSN.

Just one of many bridges over one of many rivers, with just a bit of nice scenery. I was playing with a panorama shot from here, but it ended up being 7.5 units wide for every unit tall, and it was nearly impossible to edit on this laptop. Lets just say there is about 2 more of these photos on each side of this one. It was a totally wow viewpoint. Pelly River. No, that's not a spelling mistake.

Just a funky reflection photo.

And we saw a grizzly bear. A huge one, though the difference between the huge ones and the medium sized ones is negligible if they're hungry and you're on the menu.

More later. Gotta go. The light is calling me.

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