Sunday, September 17, 2017

Yukon hangover

It's been a busy few days. Unpacking clothes and gear was the easy part. Merging more than 6K photos from the external drive to the desk computer took some time, and lots of shuffling to make space. It's become apparent that I need a much bigger external hard drive, and research is ongoing. I still need to keyword.

There was a 2 day photo shoot where I was a Sherpa, which is more fun than it sounds. By the end of it I was running on fumes. A couple good nights of sleep, and a quiet day yesterday and I'm feeling much more perky.

Curtis is happy to see me, and determined to make up lost cuddle time. I'm not sure if Celina believes I'm the same human come back, or a different one. In either case she's trying to break me to her will.

I've made a pass through the photos. I think I can get several aurora time lapse movies. There are a bunch of panorama shots I'll need to play with, and one of them will take a while since each frame is itself an HDR shot. The individual shots look great, I hope it all gets stitched together ok. There was that huge Pelly River panorama; it looks stunning on desktop, but I think I can trim it down a bit so it will display ok. Some of the aurora shots have shooting stars in them.

I'm thinking what I'll do is post the good ones to my blog as I work through them, so you'll see Yukon shots over the next little while, in addition to whatever else I come up with along the way. I don't think anyone wants to scroll through several hundred shots all at once. Some of these shots are almost certainly going to end upon on my photo blog.

When I left it was summer. Hot, smokey, flower-blooming, bee buzzing summer. When I got back it was fall. I had one day to catch up on garden photos, then we got a hard frost. HARD! Linda wrapped up some of the plants but a few didn't make it. Here is the only photo we will ever have of this particular dark red dahlia. I was so looking forward to capturing the bees all over it, and now that will never happen.

Here's another Tombstone shot, and an aurora from our last night in Dawson.


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